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At Turtle Bay on the north shore.

At Kohola Lagoon in Ko Olina
Above Waipio Valley.  The road down to the valley floor is so steep you need a 4x4 to get down there. 
This is me on top of Mauna Kea looking towards Kona.  It was freezing up there as the sun set.
I eat a lot of fish.  This was their chance to get back at me. 
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That's me on the left with my belly poking out, my brother Wally in the middle and my sister Marissa on the right.  I don't remember this picture but I think we were still in the Philippines when it was taken.  I'm the youngest of five kids.

I went to Florida for the Miami Music Conference.  Our hotel was just down the block from the Miami Ink Tattoo shop.  I don't have any tats but someday I'd like one.  I dig all kinds of art especially music.  We went to day parties as well as night ones hoping to someday get into DJing. 
Here and now...this is me above a small waterfall leading to Akaka Falls on the Big Island.  Aloha!

"Art is the pursuit of perfection in all things we do.  Although perfection is never really achieved, it is the act of pursuing it which makes one an artist of life."
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Born Edgardo Maria Antonio Unson Garcia II.
Classically trained in sea and landscapes, he has ventured off to various subject matters including tropical underwater sea life, portraits, Jesus, florals and photo realistic paintings.  With his style ever changing as his subject matter, he considers his style reality-based but fantasy driven.

Looking for inspiration at Ernest Hemingway's home
"Airing Out" - this is me at Heavenly in Tahoe a while back.  I still enjoy snowboarding but since I live in Hawaii I only get the chance to go once or twice a year.  It's still my most favorite sport to do.  Floating on clouds or pillows is how I'd describe it when in fresh powder.    
"My influences come from the comic book industry with artists like Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, John Byrne, George Perez and many more great drawers and inkers.  I was always into art with great detail, composition, use of color and use of perspective.  It wouldn't be until now that the seeds these artists planted in me would come to fruition.  Nowadays I look to the great painters of the past to draw upon creative energies.  Artists of all kinds now can touch me and fuel my fire.  Three dimensional art like sculpture and glass have caused me to look at things in a new light."
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"Guiding Light" - By Edgardo F. Garcia and Edgardo II.  Original is sold.  Limited Edition Giclee on canvas.  Available in 16" x 20" size.  Please inquire about price.

150 Signed and Numbered and 35 Artist Proofs

"The Light guides us who are looking to live a life of righteousness."
"I don't want to pinned down into any one genre when it comes to creating art.  All too often I see artists who are known for a certain thing and that's all they do but they do it well.  I want to be known as the artist that can do anything well in any style.  Bruce Lee invented his own style of martial arts because he didn't like the limitations of the others.  He said his style is 'no style'.  That's how I approach my art.  I have no 'one' style.  I have many moods and an unlimited style."
"Morning Star" - by Edgardo F. Garcia and Edgardo II.  Limited Edition Giclee on canvas.  Original is sold.  Available in Limited Edition Giclee on canvas in 24" x 30". 

150 S/N, 35 Artist Proofs

"Visit a land where time forgot and the lushness of life bounds with joy."
Me at the Love Hate bar where some friends were DJing a day gig there.  The guys that own Miami Ink also own the Love Hate bar.  It's down the street from the tattoo shop. 

"Forest Dragon" - 12" x 16" Original oil in private collection.

"Quench One's Thirst" - 10" X 14" original on canvas. 

Yosimite valley has incredible waterfalls.  During the spring thaw, they flow at their greatest.

"The Kiss" - 10" x 20" original oil on canvas. 

"Giraffes are fun to paint.  This is one of my first ones."

The thin line of rocks on the right side is called Alligators on the north shore.

"Hungry" 10 x 14 Original oil on canvas. 

One of my very first shark paintings.  I like to paint them but most people are scared of them.

"Hanging with the Big Boys" - 10x48 original oil framed in Koa/mango veneer. 

Being a young new artist can be tough.  When you jump into the ocean you realize that there are big fish out there who are more than willing to eat you alive if you're not looking.  Greed and the love of money can turn even the nicest person into a crazed, possessed demon. 

"Curious" - 10x14 Original oil on canvas board.

Not all sharks are killers.  This black tip is just curious and wants to take a closer look.

Me break dancing in front of my latest mural at Ohana Trails Motor Sports.

V is for Victory!  The palm leaf represents the Lords victory over death, especially during Lent.