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"Drink In The Light" - oil on wine bottle, holder not included

*Available at Kailua Island Treasures
A page out of my upcoming book called Inspiring Perspectives.
"Tiki Love" painted Wine Bottle
Custom painted solid Koa Ukulele for 1st Anniversary
"Lanikai Blues" oil on Mahogany Ukulele
"Join Us in the Light" - *Available at Reflections Boutique in the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa

Big Island Waterfalls - Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
The Summer's Sun-
Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
Liquid Gold -
Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
Sunset Session- Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
Emerging From Water and Light - Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
Fabric of Water -
Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
As Water Frolicks - Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper"Violet Spirits of a Wave Gone Past"
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Clearly Refreshing - Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paperFragments of Water and Light - Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
Easy To Love - Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paperFlame of Passion- Available in 11x14 matted print on metallic paper
"Looking Back"
"Liquid Glass"
"Kauai Sunset"
"Lanikai Sunrise"
"Hawaiian Sunset"
"Hawaiian Afterglow"
"Guardians of the Sun"
"North Shore Sunset"
"Backdoor Pipeline"
"Beneath Water & Light"
"Days of Aloha"
"Electric Sky"
"Let Love Shine"
"Golden Glow Over Tide Pools"
"Winter Surf"
"Warmth of the Sun"
"Warm Memories"
"Turtle Bay Glow"
"Solar Love"
"Yokohama's Brilliance"

"Spirit in the Sky"

"Pololu Lookout"
"The Power of Light"

"Diffusing Reality"
"As a Wave Crumbles"
"Pouring Over With Light"
Vintage 1920's Kamaka Pineapple Ukulele painted in oil

"Aloha" - Metallic Ribbon, 48" x 12" Original oil on gallery wrap canvas
"United in the Sun" - 5" x 7" oil on canvas board, *New Tree Series

"In the sun, we should stand strong and with each other so we can hold each other up when things might seem down."

In Private Collection
"Pang Plumeria" Mailbox

"Happy Clown" Mailbox

Available in Kailua Island Treasures
*NEW for 2013* Hawaii Tribal bumper sticker
*NEW for 2013* Kailua Tribal Bumper Sticker
"A Diamond's Soul" 5 0'clock clock
"Morning Stretch" 5 0'clock clock
"Swimming with Friends" - solid Koa Ukulele

In private collection
"Easy Flow" solid Koa paddle

In private collection
Koa wallet - please inquire, limited quantities
Current cover to Version 9.0 The Collection book

"Celebrate Life" Christmas card
"Maturation" Christmas Card
"Shining Star" Christmas Card
"Hope" Christmas Card
"Made With Aloha" Christmas card

"Book of Love"- Words by Edgardo Garcia II, art by Edgardo F., Walfrido and Edgardo Garcia II
"Morning Brilliance" Cover for The Collection
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Mailboxes are $275.00 including the shipping and handling to anywhere U.S.A.  Custom order yours today!

Mailboxes are all painted with acrylic house paint. 

All Ukuleles are painted with oil and sealed with varnish on image only.
Washburn Lyon Ukulele

Detail on ukulele
"Joy and Smiles" Cordoba Ukulele, abalone rosette. 

"Joy and Smiles" detail
"Heaven on Earth" Surfboard

"Familiar Friend" - 12x24 Ltd. Edition Giclee on canvas framed in Koa veneer

*See Limited Editions
"Untamed" - 10 x 30 original oil on canvas with simple black frame

"Freedom is something we all need but frequently take for granted."

Lori with first Pipeline wave paintingFirst shark painting

First Koi and Lotus painting Kelley with her first wave painting finished

Kelley working on her first waveJen with her Lauae fern leaf painting

Lauren and Mikayla with their finished paintings.  Lauren was able to finish 3 and Mikayla did 2 in a few hours of work. 
Two sisters Mikayla and Lauren do renditions of a red panda and giant panda on their next visit. 

Priscilla painting Maile Point, just north of Ko Olina. 
Turtle lesson

My young students are so full of energy and enthusiasm that they are able to finish a couple of paintings during our session. 
Art lessons!!!  I teach kids as well as adults.  Usually one on one.  On location so if you have a hotel balcony, that perfect! 

We started with a black primed canvas which was a first for this student. 

"We must challenge ourselves in order to grow and mature."
The finished product

"Friendly Visitor" - 10x20 original oil on canvas, framed in black lacquer

"This turtle chats it up with friends in the coral."

IN Private Collection
"Morning Passion" - 10x14 original oil on canvas, framed in solid Hawaiian Ash,

"Wake up and rise to the deep colors of a Lanikai Beach sunrise."

"Tropical Day Dream" - 10x14 original oil on canvas, framed in stained, Hawaiian Ash

"Dream in color as you sit on a tropical beach."
"Midnight Dreams" - original oil on canvas board, framed in solid Hawaiian Ash

"It's nice to dream through fantasy."

"Friendly Conversation" - 8x16 original oil on canvas with texture on turtle, framed in solid Koa

In Private Collection
"Ballad of the Moonlight's Joy"- 24x36 original oil on canvas, framed in Koa veneer.

"Feeling Frisky" 5x7 original oil framed in solid Hawaiian Ash.
"Follow the Light" framed in solid Koa deluxe

In private collection

*New* Exclusively from DAGAR of Light Productions only, genuine Hawaiian Ash frames! While limited supplies last, this natural colored wood is similar to pine or bamboo in color and is only available here.  It can be stained to different colors like Koa but looks great natural as well.  Harvested from Millilani. 

"Golden Child" in stained, solid Hawaiian Ash

In private collection
"Golden Child" in gold ornate, Koa veneer

"Joys of Love, Friendship and Light" - 12 x 48 Published original oil on canvas, framed in solid, stained Hawaiian Ash
"Reach For the Sky" - 16x32 original oil on canvas, framed in black lacquer

"Light Beckoning" framed in stained Hawaiian Ash to simulate Koa. 

"The Ring" - 10x14 original oil on canvas, framed in solid Koa

"The ring created by the Koi fish symbolize their love."

In Private Collection

"Enjoying the Day" - 5x7 original oil on wooden panel, framed in solid Koa

"Created in Faith and Love" - 10 x 20 original oil on canvas.  Framed in Koa veneer

"Night like these are made for lovers."

In Private Collection

"Persevere" - 11x14 original graphite framed in Koa veneer w/glass
"Keys to Life- Faith, Hope, Friendship, Love, Life" - 12"x 48" Ltd. Edition Giclee on canvas, framed in single black molding

In private collection
"A Kiss from an Angel" - 9x12 original oil on Koa veneer panel

"Blessings are granted and angels are messengers of the grace of God."
"Assemble the Love" - 24x30 original oil in Koa/mango veneer frame

In private collection

"Warmth of Love"- 9x12 original oil on Koa panel framed in Koa veneer

"The sun spreads its warmth and lightens the heart."
"Impressions of a Lanikai Morning" - 24x36 original oil in pallet knife technique on canvas.  Framed in Koa veneer and gold ornate.

"A Lanikai Beach morning.  Enjoy the rest of the day as a honu prepares to return home."

"John" 8x10 framed in solid Koa
"Between the Moon and the Sun" - 18x24 Original oil on canvas.  Framed in purple/dark blue liner/black matte lacquer.

In private collection

"Koi Droplet" - 18x24 original oil on canvas. 

In private collection.

 We are in the business of providing the highest quality original oil paintings, Limited Edition Giclees on canvas and Open Edition prints on paper at an affordable price.  Framing is always optional and shipping is available.   Catch the rising star Edgardo Garcia II as well as his highly collectable brother and father, Walfrido and Edgardo F.Garcia.  Contact us @ P.O.Box 75620, Kapolei, Hi. 96707. 

Free shipping for U.S.A. internet orders!  Please provide us with a mailing address (P.O.Boxes will be shipped via USPS).  We send our packages insured so please inspect yours immediately to insure proper handling. 

I was asked to redo an Edward Hopper painting titled "Nighthawks" but instead of people I put superheroes.  This is the middle part of it.  I ended up changing the name to "Hailey Bean Cafe"and hung spiderman upside down from the ceiling on a web.

Good News!  After a long discussion with my printers, they have assured me that all Limited Edition Giclees on canvas are printed with an Epson Color Stylus 9600 or Epson Color Stylus 10000 & 11600 printer.  They have a 80 year lightfastness rating and are backed by a guarantee to resist fading.  They are also sprayed with a UV protective coating that is supposed to even lengthen this rating.   Our open edition prints (8"x 10", 11"x 14" and 16" x 20") are now being printed by the same quality printers as our Giclees on canvas but are printed on the best Premier Luster photo paper  (other companies use a matte paper as well as inferior quality papers).  Selected open edition prints are still laser prints and will be fazed out. 

*Never hang artwork in direct sunlight or near heat.  Wipe up spills immediately should any liquid get on to the print. 

Commissioned original oil paintings are also available.  If you have a favorite spot you want to put to canvas, just send us your picture and we'll do the rest with our imagination.  Check out the Commissions page.

Framing is available!  Show here is "Ko Olina Tranquility" in a 3 - component frame (Koa veneer mini banister/blue scoop/Oriental ornate)
This is the same painting as above but with my standard Koa veneer/ivory white beveled liner/mango veneer moldings.
This is the same painting again with Koa veneer/monaco blue beveled liner/mango veneer.
This is a solid Koa frame which is no longer offered
"Unity" in a black lacquer/black scoop/silver fillet frame

"Unity can only achieved through love and respect.  The five different colored Koi fish represent the melting pot of American society as well as the fifty five-pointed American stars that flies high above on the star spangled banner."
"Unity" in a plum bamboo/ivory beveled liner/stained mango frame
"Floral Desire" - triptych framed in bamboo/ivory beveled liner/green molding frame.

In private collection
"Diamondhead" - framed in deluxe Koa veneer, distressed metallic scoop, ivory beveled liner, gold fillet.

3 component frames are my standard and 4+ component frames are my deluxe frames.  It's possible to frame your painting in just one molding but if you have the room and money, it's well worth it to dress up your painting as much as possible.  It's like having a beautiful girlfriend that wears no makeup or has nothing good to wear. 
"Mother's Joy" in a deluxe solid Koa/ivory scoop/solid Koa/ivory beveled liner.
"Place in the Sun" - framed in mango/Koa veneer

In private collection
"Good Luck" framed in black/charcoal frame.   See framing below.

"The lotus flower is a symbol for awakening the spiritual reality of life.  Koi fish symbolize perseverance in adversity, strength of purpose and good luck.  The yin yang composition symbolizes balance."
"Familiar Friend" in simple 2 component electric purple/Koa veneer frame.

"Clownfish live in a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone and are not hurt by the anemone's sting.  The clownfish  keep predators from nibbling the anemone and the anemone's sting protects the clownfish.
"Falling for Love" in 3 component silver star ornate/blue silk scoop/black mat lacquer frame.

"The shooting star about to hit the heart shaped cloud represents my wish that someday, love will rule all."
"Heart of Gold" - 16x20 Original oil framed in gold ornate/black silk/Koa veneer

If your heart is pure, it will radiate the light of love.

In private collection
"Happily Along the Way" - 48x12 Original oil on canvas framed in gold ornate/ivory silk/Koa veneer

It's not the destination that's the treasure, it's the journey itself.  Stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

Available at Genesis Gallery on the Big Island in Waikoloa
"Warmth of Love" - 16x20 Original oil on canvas framed in gold ornate/ivory silk/Koa veneer 220

Love means putting yourself last and everyone else before you.

Available in Genesis Gallery on the Big Island.
"A Moment Away" - 12x18 Ltd. Ed. Giclee on canvas in black lacquer frame. *Also available in 24" x 36" Ltd. Edition Giclee on canvas

"New Found Love" - framed in mango/Koa veneer

Contact:  Deenoze@hotmail.com