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"Make a difference, starting with you."

Serenity & Massage logo & motto.

Monstera Leaves backdrop for kitchen"Symphony of Color" side by side by a backyard waterfall. 

Published original "Young and Green" framed in solid Koa on display in friend's home

"Gathering of Hearts" in the right corner. 
Banjy's mural detail

study of Banjy's Paradise Bar & Grill mural
Often before even doing a mural, the client wants to see an example of what you're going to create for them.  This is my proposal thumbnail paintings for a hallway leading towards the pool.
Thumbnail paintings for the side of a round pool.
The light rays are taking some time to get them straight and to the correct colors.  I'm also going to tighten up the green sharks teeth and then re-outline them in black again. 
With fellow artist Janet Stewart and friend.
With the new owners of the published original "Falling for Love" 36x54.
With "A Friendly Meeting" collector
The boys room wall and ceiling.
column 2
This is the boys room for my friend Tanya.  She wanted an ocean theme with stars and planets on the ceiling.  I hate painting ceilings but I like making people happy so the boys are getting a starry sky with a planet or two.
Sairah's Wunderland is the theme to this room. The tree house is taken from Winnie the Pooh and the white spot on the bottom right is going to be Tinkerbell.
The beginnings of Sairah's room.  That's Bambi in the bottom. 

Tigger (close up) in baby Ascher's room
The finished Winnie the Pooh room.  Baby Ascher is going to have his crib directly below the bridge where Tigger and Eeyore sit.
Winnie the Pooh room from Rabbit to Owl. 
Roo and Kanga on opposite wall of Pooh and Rabbit.
Close up of Owl in his tree house.

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were an extra I stuck into the Winnie the Pooh room.  I made them as if they were pulling the fabric of reality peeking through trying to get into the Hundred Acres Woods.

 The following pictures show the process of how I paint home accents on walls.  I'm also doing wall textures like marbling and sponging and faux finishes.

This is the ceiling adjacent to the wall that I did below.  It took a while to do and I'm glad it's finally over.  Probably my last ceiling too since I did it without scaffolding and it ended up hurting my shoulder. 
This is the beginning of a faux finish that I did in a dining room wall below the the window sill.  It's of a relief that supposed to look like a carving of stone.  I painted the entire room with a faux stone finish.  I'm in the process of doing the top portion of the wall with a complimenting design. 
This is the finish product.  The client wanted 2 mermaids and roses in a vase as the detail.  I embellished the feather leaves and border to help create the look.  They just put in the curtains the morning before I finished the wall.  I'm still doing the top part above the box curtains and will post up the finished product later.
The top design was taken from several actual designs picked by the owner.  Together with the bottom faux finish and the newly hung curtains, they create a full look of carved stone.
This is my first attempt at a Trompe l'oeil.  I didn't start this piece.  Another artist started and didn't finish so I was commissioned to come and finish it.  Originally it had an island out in the distance but I changed it to the Amalfi coast because that's what the owners wanted it to feel like.  I'm stuck at the moment doing alot of detail work and it's very slow going.  This wall is actually the adjacent wall to the left of the window sill of the above pictures.
This is the right side of the mural of above.  I tried to leave as much of the original painting as I could.  I didn't do the fountain or the trees on the cliffside and I touched the rock wall very little. 

It took me 2 months to finish this. 
Pacific Paws logo on wall
I didn't paint this but I used it as a model for the font type for the logo on the left
"Color of Passion" (triptych) 48" x 72" Original oil on gallery wrap canvas.  This is my clients' home and how the painting was hung.  The red color is very strong but it brings together the reds from around the room and makes everything come to life.  Detail that cant be seen has a monarch butterfly in the middle panel and 7 red ladybugs on various leaves on all 3 panels. 

It took me 1 month to finish this. 

This is my prototype of a Japanese shoji screen.  I went to the Honolulu Academy of Arts and viewed a traditional Japanese shoji screen exhibit and got inspired to do #3 - 2 panel pieces with turtles.  It hides my surfboard, massage table and mt. bike and makes the room more inviting and playful.
This  home accent  was done in a boys room.   This was my first puffer fish.  There's another turtle on the ceiling.

I was asked to paint something on the pillars where the mural is at.  They helped make the mural stand out more.  If you walk around you can see a palm tree from almost any angle in the room.

This is the pillars from another angle.

"Home Accents is my latest thing.  Here I add to the tropical theme already in the bathroom by placing a banana tree and monkey in an otherwise plain wall.  I painted the monkey at a height where it might look as if the monkey were on one's shoulders if they were looking at the mirror straight up. This is my first monkey that I've painted."


Red, White and Blue tribute to Dondi

Candy cane bubbles

Autumn Camouflage

Rainbow Blocks

Ribbon Speed

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